Duster Guild - A Duster is eccentric, controlling and unpredictable. Dusters become entwined with the use of Villium for the remainder of your life. This addiction is not without merit, as they gain exceptional gifts through its' use. A Duster’s power is directly related to the amount of Villium their bodies can handle, which explains why those possessed of Villium spend years building up a tolerance to the ore. Dusters are also exceptional students of forgotten crafts and are often found scouring tomes for lost secrets. Dusters have been reported to be able to control people at will, command the elements and even shut down their opponents ability to act or think. There are whispers that Dusters reaching their full potential are even able to control time itself. However, great power comes at a price. A Duster must be a vigilant addict. There are numerous deaths attributed to un-trained initiates attempting to use more than they could handle.
Cards found in the duster Deck

These are the cards currently found in both the 5Crests™ Starter and Guild decks. Please check back often as cards are edited, added or removed. To learn more about what each card does please visit our Card Styles page

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