Faceless Guild - Pious, pure and resolute. The Faceless erase their previous lives in order to join this guild. Hundreds have offered themselves in sacrifice for the “greater good”, for a chance that their souls might merge with the shards. The promise of joining their other, happier selves, seeking redemption. Service to the Faceless is not without benefit. bishops of the guild are said to be able to perform feats of faith healing, connecting to the eternal life line. Their eventual control over villium being so great that some whisper they are even able to raise the dead. What is a common report is that the Faceless have the ability to see a person’s sins and use them to their advantage. It’s unclear the extent of these powers, but after each engagement, they almost always manage to convert other guild's members to their service of a higher power. Even with the Duster’s known dependence on Villium, the Faceless are the ones in the most control of the substance, making the guild the most feared.
Cards found in Faceless Deck

These are the cards currently found in both the 5Crests™ Starter and Guild decks. Please check back often as cards are edited, added or removed. To learn more about what each card does please visit our Card Styles page

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