Trigger Guild - A Trigger is resourceful, efficient and brutal. The trigger motto " The old ways are the best ways" holds true in their belief in keeping the old traditions alive. They have a shoot first and blow things up policy. Their stance on Villium is that it is a great source of income, but find those who rely on it useless and weak. Each Trigger becomes proficient with every type of firearm in their arsenal, which is extensive. Triggers spend countless hours mastering their crafts, Marksmanship, Bomb Making and Gunsmithing. Triggers may not be the most complex, but they are certainly the most destructive of the guilds.
Cards found in the Trigger Deck

These are the cards currently found in both the 5Crests™ Starter and Guild decks. Please check back often as cards are edited, added or removed. To learn more about what each card does please visit our Card Styles page

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